Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Power (1990) dir Robert Resnikoff Max Payne (2008) dir John Moore

The First Power (1990) was one of those movies that scared the shit out of me when I first saw it in the early 90s (I think I saw it on UHF 62 as a double feature with Angel Heart one late Saturday night).  It just recently came out on DVD and download for netflix and I watched it last night.  The First Power is not a bad horror movie, though it is a Lou Diamond Phillips vehicle, and it's the only movie Robert Resnikoff directed.  On the plus side it has a Stewart Copeland score, Jeff Kober, and some very good - though dated - humor.  The First Power does not hold up as well as some its close contemporaries (i.e. Candyman (1992) ) but it's still worth watching again.

Max Payne (2008).  The little engine that tried and failed...or more accurately "tried and died".  I love Marky Mark and I love Marky Mark movies and I love Marco Beltrami and Marco Beltrami scores and I loved the Max Payne games but this was a walking botched abortion of a movie.  Worse than crappy, it was boooorrrring.  I paid for it so I refused to turn it off but bleh, for every one scene of "hey this kicks ass" there were forty scenes of nose picking.  I almost wanted to open my bag of Skittles and start sorting them into color coded piles.  The high point of the movie, Olga Kurylenko, who I think is the minxiest minx this side of Sherilyn Fenn or Jennifer Tilly, dies within fifteen minutes of her showing up on screen.  Half Constantine, half Sin City - Max Payne delivers on neither.  A waste of time and money and every actor that showed up in it.  Gong!

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