Saturday, September 18, 2010

Consomme, stock, demi-glace...

Why is something so simple so difficult?  Why isn't there a book titled Zen and the Art of Stock?

I made a mistake recently, a mistake I had forgotten I had made before, hubris...I can make stock, no fucking problem.  Bones!  Check!  Mirepoix!  Check!  Horseshit.  I am going to learn and teach myself how to make a proper beef stock and already fucked up.  I should have roasted my beef bones (neck) with a little water and then...I dunno...I studied the recipes and checked several sources (book and digital) and thought I had it.

What I plan is to finish this current batch, get more bones and then build upon that.  Plus I need to remember that patience is a virtue and not poke at the boil every fifteen minutes.

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