Saturday, March 31, 2012

WTF HYR does a TV review post?!?

You're probably wondering why I am doing a TV review post, or you might not be, *shrug*.  As many of you regular readers may know (or RL amigos) I really don't have much interest in television programs of any kind (some programs I actively loathe).  I usually lose interest after a season or two (if that).  However I have been a fan of Law & Order: SVU for a long time and (see previous post) love shows with creature features.  I occasionally get into Showtime/HBO shows but that's rare as well (partially because HBO shows are such a bitch to get).

The series I just got into is Supernatural.  I didn't want to and I did the "I don't wanna..." that little kids do when trying a new food or something.  And then I watched it and now I like it, god damn it.  Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. CREATURE FEATURE!  Seriously, every episode has some kind of creature and they run the gamut from rakshasas (a favorite of mine) to vampires (I don't like vampires as a rule but these are okay) to striga (another favorite). 
  2. The main characters are not some CW high schoolers and it's not a soap opera with "monsters".  I actually like the main characters, even if their manginas do get a bit sandy now and then (really though, whose doesn't?).
  3. One of my favorite modern character actors plays a major role in the show - Jim Beaver.  He imparts Bobby Singer with the same empathy and coarse likability as he did with Ellsworth in Deadwood (a character who I quote quite a bit).  Fun fact:  Jim Beaver was also on The Young and the Restless (1985-2001) and Days of Our Lives (1996-2004) and played a Detective Earl Gaddis on Reasonable Doubts (1991-1993).
  4. The show gets kinds of creepy and hardcore sometimes.  Often out of the blue.  Season one and two so far: a lady got a knife shoved through her head, decapitations, children in danger, clowns, slicing, dicing, grave robbery, and lots of people on fire.
  5. I'm curious to where the show is going and when it'll start to suck. 
  6. Joss Whedon is not involved.  Yes I like the first four seasons of Buffy and Firefly and Serenity but enough with the fucking Whedon fandom, it's almost as sad as Dr Whotards (and before you get mad use your sonic screwdriver to get your panties unbunged).
  7. I would make man sex with Dean (but only if Aragorn said it was okay).
  8. "They drive a black 1967 Chevy Impala, 327, 4-barrel, V-8 engine, automatic, 4-dr, Hardtop. It was given to Dean by his father, John. It has the license plate KAZ 2Y5. The KAZ is a reference to Kansas, the Winchesters' home state, and the 2Y5 is 2005, the year the show premiered."  Failing to make sex with Dean I will make sex to this car.
  9. This show makes me wish I had a Tobin's Spirit Guide.
I also have Game of Thrones to watch but I haven't been particularly in the mood for it (I've read the books so I know what happens as well).

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