Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yes I love Lady Gaga and for one simple reason...

Waaaaaaaaaaay back, in 1985, when I wasn't even ten, but Madonna was top of the pops, you couldn't punch a radio preset (if you had one) in the low 90s without hearing Madonna in a sixty-minutes of rock without commercial interruption.  So, I imprinted on Madonna.  Part of the reason I still go to clubs where men dance with men is because you can hear Madonna at club loud levels. 

Lady Gaga has a 21st Century spin that I love.  Yes, I think I am saying that she might I'm not.  No one will be the new Madonna.  However I love Lady Gaga, the songs, the image, and just the "I'm a freak bitch, baby" value. 

And then there is this monster.  Which, kind of is...

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