Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts on moving. Part 1.

It's kind of peculiar packing everything.  I think you folks might know what I mean.  There you are, dusting things that haven't been dusted in years, digging through accumulated paperwork and assorted crap.  You ask yourself, "Why do I have take-out menus from that crappy Chinese restaurant I used to go to five years ago?  Is that place even still open?"  Sifting through the detritus suddenly becomes an archaeological effort.  In the back of a closet you find a box, still taped shut from the last two moves marked "Misc. Crap",  part of you wants to open that box and rummage around - you have no clue what could be in there.  However, the greater part of you, covered in sweaty dust and harboring a mild hatred of all this shit you lug around, realizes that whatever is in that "Misc Crap" box can stay sealed. 

Then you start playing a peculiar mental game - what can I box and what do I need in the meantime?  If you are particularly nutty you can pretend the Soviets are invading and you're only grabbing the essential items.  Apparently when the Soviets invade I will keep out the director's cuts of The Lord of the Rings so I have something to watch while hiding in the wilderness. 

I've been putting off the kitchen and clothing.  84.26% of all other belongings are tidily boxed away but I've been pussy-footing around the clothes and kitchen.  I pulled out all the fancy dish packing material from the last move and placed it in the "moving staging area" of the living room.  Boxes are waiting.  And...1,2,3 go!  Or not.  I love packing books, cds, vinyl, etc., etc. but the kitchen just pisses me off to no end.  I end up wishing I had a clay pigeon launcher with which to catapult plates and dishes off the balcony or at the old bitch who makes shit smell face when she sees me.  I'm seriously considering only taking my cast-iron skillet, my Le Cruset, the rice pan, my pasta pot, my knives, silverware, my Indiana Jones glasses, my dinosaur bowl, Pyrex, and one or two other items and the rest can go.  Then I will buy shit that matches.

One of the most startling things I've realized is that for the first time I've been looking at my belongings with a critical eye.  I am most certainly going to keep my classic movie posters but I don't want to put them up unless they are framed.  I also think I will drift away from the "wall of crap" decorating style.  Plus if I only put up framed items, price limitations will be a pain in the groin.  I've found a few sites for awesome frames
(poster and comic). has some sharp looking multi-comic frames I might pick up for my Punisher, Nick Fury, and Sgt. Rock favorites. has both vinyl and comic frames, plus I like the cut of the guy's jib so I might have to order from him, pus his prices are competitive.  The poster frames are gonna be a hassle because my three original posters (The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three, The French Connection, and Dark of the Sun) are larger than modern posters (otherwise I could just go to walmart and pick up some cheapy frames.  Dear Santa, I have been better than I have been in last years...mostly...will you please send me poster frames.

More news to follow.  Wish me luck.

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