Saturday, May 22, 2010

Idle thoughts about religion.

Had a visitor come in today, nice guy, looked around and before he left he handed me a Jack Chick comic and said, "Have a bless'd day" and I replied, with no sarcasm, "Hey, God bless you too."  He said that I was lucky to work in such a nice museum and I agreed.  Very pleasant interaction.

So, while I was eating my potato salad I read "This was your life!" - the Jack Chick comic - and thought, "Huh, this has some interesting stuff in it."  Now before some of you start jumping up and down, I take my interpretations of Scripture with the grain of salt I take everything else in life.  If/when people ask me my religious beliefs I reply, "Agnostic Christian, polytheist, animist, with Hare Krisna leanings."  I like to hedge my bets.

I figure though if someone is nice enough to wish their God's blessing upon me then I should be graceful enough to say thank you.  Now if someone tells me I'm gonna burn if I don't toe their line then they can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.  I think that's part of the reason I like the Krisna's so much.  They're pretty chill.  Plus I love the vague look of amused confusion they get when I say "hare krinsa".  One time I donated five bucks to a Krisna and we got in the world's politest argument.  He wanted me to take a copy of the Bhagvada Gita, I said I have a copy, consider my donation strings free, and back and forth.  If I had the money I would have donated another five bucks just to make him take my five bucks.

Meh, idle thoughts.

p.s. If you laugh at me for being an animist think about the last time you yelled/pleaded/coaxed your automobile into doing your will.

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