Thursday, May 06, 2010

Apocalypse Meow...updated...

Back in the early 00s, when I still read manga (primarily because I was ordering all of it for the manga section of B&N 2853)  I brought in Apocalypse Meow, a brilliant manga series (written and drawn) by Motofumi Kobayashi.  It was an anthropomorphic Vietnam comic.  The illustrations are crisp and the stories heartbreaking.  Now maybe I've been too long out the loop but seeing Cat Shit One as...modernized...makes perfect sense and Lord knows I've been waiting for an anime like this...but...

I wish that Catshit One aka Apocalypse Meow was still set during Vietnam.  There was a peculiar mixture of: classic American Vietnam movie archetypes, deep grounding in historical context, and Motofumi's brilliant characterizations. 

That being said, I can't wait to get my paws on Cat Shit One.

p.s.  Motofumi also did a series called Dog Shit One which is not anthropomorphic and brilliant.

p.p.s. Pick up Motofumi's Apocalypse Meow not just for the manga but the rich historical notes.  Vol 1 has a glossary and in-depth annotation re: weapons of the USA, SVA, and NVA.  Later volumes contain notes about the politcial plays going on outside the region. Plus the Chinese advisors are Pandas.

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