Friday, May 28, 2010

The Move...aka Das Boot on Dryland. Part I.

As some of you fine folks may know, I hate moving with a passion and vitriol I usually have reserved for: "the bookstore that shall not be named", white supremacists, and jam bands.  Moving is the paragon of Murphy's Law.  It also takes such a toll on my body and spirit that I often am filled with the desire to burn everything I own and run half naked down the street, screaming in tongues. 

One of the major hurdles so far has been the clusterfuck that has been dealing with Advanced Apartment Movers (1-800-580-1183).  These guys are the reason we are a day behind schedule.  Apparently this company is "famous" for leaving people high and dry.  On the 25th they were scheduled to be at the apartment between 2 & 3pm.  Okay.  4pm.  I called, "Yeah, we're running behind schedule.  A move has taken longer than we scheduled.  We'll be there ASAP." word.  I call again, "Yeah, I haven't heard from my crew, they should have been there by now.  Let me get in contact with them and I'll get back to you."  7pm.  I haven't had contact from Wayne (the guy I've been on the horn with all day) or the movers.  I call again.  Wayne - "I don't know where my crew is.  They haven't answered their phone.  I'll contact you as soon as I hear anything."

Now, I'm a nice person and trying to be understanding, so I'm like yeah, yeah, okay, no worries, these things happen...even though I've been eating fucking Tums all day.  8pm, I call Wayne again and tell him, "Listen, let's just call it a day.  I need the movers here first thing in the morning."  No problem, movers will there in the morning.  Fine.  Amanda and I go get sushi and watching Iron Man 2.

9am 05/27/10.  No word from Wayne or movers.  Call, leave message.  9:30am, no word, call leave message and say I'm taking my business elsewhere.  Frantically call around...and contact Nacogdoches Moving & Hauling (936-552-4616).  I give Gary, the owner, the lowdown and he automatically knows that Advanced Apt left me high and dry.  He loves them because thanks to their shitty service he gets a lot of business.  Gary says he can have a crew out by the afternoon, no problem.  When they were running a little late, Gary called and told me that they were running late and would be there at 4pm.  Bam, 4pm they are there.  Those folks were lifesavers (as well as Amanda who was in charge at the old place while I got things squared away at the new place).  They were moving machines, even though they had been busting ass all day in the Texas heat.  Gary called later to check on how everything had gone and to offer some advice on getting Amanda moved. 

Live and learn, right?  The next time I have to move (which will not be for years, knock on wood) I am calling Gary and his crew.  I whole-heartedly recommend doing the same.

Amusing asides from the moving events:
  • 2pm 05/27 - while napping most heartily I am woken up by the phone.  It's fucking Wayne with Advanced.  He says that his crew is in Nac and do I still need movers?  I was so sleep-funked and confused that I couldn't even really respond past, "No."  I'm calling the Better Business Bureau when I get settled.
  • Note for moving in Texas heat (I'm doing this next time):  buy a case of water and put it in the fridge well in advance.  The movers and your own body will thank you.
  • Amanda said Moxie was in the carrier on the bed and was thrashing around and rolled the carrier (and herself) over the edge of the bed.  Moxie is smrt.
That's all for now.

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