Saturday, May 22, 2010

Out damned spot! or adventures in choosing a washing machine.

I know, I know...I never post and then I crank out a bunch that could be one uber-post.  Well, tough.

Once upon a time I used to joke (and still probably do, since I tend to repeat jokes sixty million times) that the American Dream for my generation was reduced to not having to go to a laundromat.

So my new apartment will have connections for a stackable washer/dryer thingy.  I started poking around on the internet, like ya do.  I saw some stacked units (huh huh huh) on for over a thousand bucks.  Are you fucking kidding me?  For this you want a thousand dollars?  Feh.

Then I was curious what washer/dryer combos ran for.  Aha!  I saw the Haier HWD1000 Combo Ventless Washer and Dryer - White for closer to $500.  I'm actually very tempted to purchase one of these bad boys, considering the large number of good reviews it has received.  However, I am leery of "combo" items (like a vcr/dvd player or a crib/deep fryer).  When one thing breaks the whole machine is fuct.

So then I was thinking, hey what about just a washer?  I can hang my knickers off the balcony to dry.  Then I got to searching for portable washers.  "Perfect for boats, RVs, and small apartments!"  Well, shit, that sounds okay for my needs.  I found the Haier 1-Cubic Foot Portable Washing Machine.  It looks might it might work pretty well.  It's not like I'm going to be washing sixteen towels or anything drastic.  Hell if I need to there's an on-site laundry at the complex.

Again, if anyone has suggestions/comments/or ideas, I'd be glad to hear them.

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