Friday, September 28, 2012

Borderlands 2 progress report and assorted game news

Figured I'd post something and since I've only been biking, drinking, and playing Borderlands 2 - oh and going to classes - the only thing I have to post about is B2.  I did cancel my EVE Online account again, mainly for the reason I didn't have anything to do or any reason to do it - and don't yammer at me about null sec, I'd rather be bored than get my ass shot off.  More accurately, I didn't have anything to buy so I just had a big old pile of ISK.  Not like I'm saving my pennies for a BS or Titan or some shit.  I'm sure I'll get back into EVE but for now I'd prefer to have fun.

This game season looks like it's gonna be a good one - particularly for franchises I like:  Torchlight II, Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution, hell - even the new Assassin's Creed looks friggin awesome.  Having B2 kicking of the festivities is a good sign.

Here's a quick rundown of schtuff I've been experiencing in B2:
  • I hit level 25 yesterday and am in the meat of the game however I'm in no rush to rip through the story.  Fortunately Gearbox set up a large number of optional side quests and all kinds of explory looty places as well as a brilliant challenges list (and their Badass Tokens rewards)
    • I'm beginning to obsess over the challenges though some of them make me want to say very bad words.  The hidden Vault icons are in some cases, challenging as hell to not only find but in some instances get to.  Truth be told the last day or two I spent more time wandering around picking up challenges than I have been playing side or story missions.
  • Played a couple of hours of multiplayer with a Gunzerker buddy the other night.  That shit was fun.  Like genuine crazy person fun.  The difficulty and mayhem level increased significantly with only two of us (having four players has got to be batshit crazy).  
    • I think I might start a Gunzerker once I finish everything with the Commando.  My buddy was just beastly in combat.  One of the high points was him punching a Goliath into my field of fire.  He's just a beast of a character.
  • One problem I have is sometimes dialogue or events will be happening when I'm in combat.  I have subtitles on (I usually have a box fan going) but can't catch what's going on.  Not a huge deal but since there's no journal replay I feel like I've missed some stuff.
  • I hate Threshers but love their design and the way they act in combat (and crushing them under the wheels of a vehicle).
  • Easy cash money!  Farming Crisilisks in The Fridge.  
    • Fun tip, use non-elemental weapons for more damage on Crisilisks.  They seem to sponge elemental effects.  
  • Finally found an assault rifle worth a shit.  Still not the greatest find in the world but I always keep an eye out.
    • I lucked out and found a number of fuckin' sweet pistols and sniper rifles.  Is this Pandora telling me to just stick with my standard go to weapons?  o.O
  • Arena combat is back - not as hell bent for leather insanity as Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot - but tough enough.  Gunzerker buddy and I went through a couple of rounds and it was a little nerve wracking.  Doable but still nerve wracking.
  • Looking for peoples to complete driving challenges with!  Either as driver or passengers.
  • Singularity grenades are frigging awesome.  Homing singularity grenades that DoT are so beyond awesomeI don't even know if there's an equation for that much awesome.
  • Jesper Kyd's score is as good as his other scores.  Top quality work but, how does one put this?, it's similar to other film and game composers, they're doing excellent work that I fully enjoy but I go, "Yup, that's a Kyd score."  or "Yup, that's Goldsmith."  or "Yup, that's Morricone."  I know, I know - nitpicky.

That's all for now.  Hope you folks are well.  Maybe I'll see you in game.  Have a good weekend.

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