Saturday, September 08, 2012

Today's Lunch Special:

  • A hearty portion of Manda Corned Beef (Baton Rouge, LA), thinly sliced Baby Swiss, sauerkraut, and a double-fried egg with Creole mustard served on a gently toasted bolillo
I love how something simple can sound fancy-pantsy with the right spin. This is one of those random sandwiches I sometimes throw together at random. It's basically a bastardization of a Reuben and absurdly easy. Bolillos are just Mexican rolls (which are kind of damned tasty) that you can pick up from your local Mexican bakery or just from your supermarket. Hell, any old kind of roll would work. Just so happens bolillos were on sale at Kroger's. It takes about five minutes to make one of these sandwiches and about two minutes to eat it.

Here's the gist:
  • 1 large egg 
  • a couple of slices of corned beef 
  • a slice or two of swiss 
  • a good solid forkful of sauerkraut 
  • a roll of some kind 
  • spicy mustard 
Heat frying pan or griddle at medium-high, lightly oil, fry egg for about two minutes, flip egg, press with spatula, put cheese on top of egg, put corned beef on top of cheese, put sauerkraut on top of corned beef, cover for about a minute or so. Toast roll and slap on mustard. Remove cover from pan, spatula the whole thing onto roll. Eat one, decide to make another one.

See, not exactly rocket surgery. Hell, you don't even need to wear pants to do this.

Hope that you all are well and happy and eating something good.

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