Friday, September 14, 2012

"Did I just see Josh on a bike?"

Yes, yes you did.

I finally bought a Giant Simple-3 cruiser from The Bike Shop this afternoon and spent the last couple of hours tooling around, sweating out a couple of pints of liquids, exploring Nac, and getting sun-burnt.  It was a lot of fun and I found a bunch of cool places I've never seen before.  I also managed to get from campus to downtown with minimal effort.  Downtown back to campus was a little more challenging since I thought I would bike up Lanana Creek Trail.  Yeah, fuck that.  Maybe if I was "Doing the Dew".  Trail is a misnomer as well, this was some Bear Grylls shit.  On the upside, I did find an awesome place - Tucker Woods - off of Raguet St. that I had never even heard about.  I didn't get to the SFA Arboretum yet.  Maybe tonight or this weekend...if my legs work.

Other assorted amusing stuff:

  • Oh, you mean 1 for hills, not 3?  Fuck, that makes more sense now.
  • I nearly wiped out (twice) when I lost control of the front wheel and the edge of the sidewalk (not the curb the grassy part).  I didn't get hurt or anything but the second time a cop slowed down and asked if I was okay.  I could the tell he was laughing at me.
  • Dickies suck for riding bikes when it's in the high 80s.  Time to make some shorts out of the them.  Yes, I bought a bike and I'm gonna wear shorts.  Suck it.
  • Nailing your finger with the snapping end of a bungee thingy hurts, like, a lot.
  • I genuinely had fun just kind of puttering around.  Outside my apartment.  Sober.  Wait, what?
  • Coaster brakes are fuckin sweet.  Less worry of a bike-endo with Joshua getting more head injuries.
  • Found a Two-Tone helmet online.  
  • I cracked myself up at the concept of slapping a metric shit-ton of lights and mirrors on the bike - all Modly Mod style.
  • Oddly enough I can now fathom how people ride for twenty miles plus.  I certainly won't be doing that this weekend.
  • I'm trying really hard not be scared of cars.  I suck at riding and I know people are dicks (not you guys though).  I don't wanna get door checked by some "hey bro" popped collar in his rape truck.
Yup.  Gotta bike.  If you wanna go for a bike ride let me know.  If you're in a car, please don't hit me.  

Yeah, that's kind of how it is.

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