Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Borderlands 2 (2012) Pre-order Jitters

I don't pre-order games anymore.  I don't particularly cotton to dubstep.  I don't even really let myself get too "squee" about games anymore.  That trailer is fucking sweet.

I don't think I've ever done a "review" of a game before it's been in my hands either.  I know in the past I've done some trailers and heads-ups but I'm not sure if I've done a "jitters" review.

I'm a pretty hardcore fan of Borderlands.  Not panties get wet at the mention of TARDIS fangirl level but I really dug the first game.  Here's the intro:  

I skimmed one or two of the lower rating reviews of Borderlands 2 today and one of their complaints was along the lines of, "More of the same but better executed".  Personally I want that.  Plus I preordered to have  access to the Mechromancer - a young woman whose skills are all about mechs and turrets.  This character was available 09/18/12 as a DLC for ten bucks so I figure I saved myself a bit from the get go (sort of).  

I'm actually excited about this game.  Much more excited than I am for the latest installations of Hitman or GTA (though I am pretty keyed up for Far Cry 3).  What's peculiar, from my gaming experience, is that I'm excited about playing with friends.  Last Christmas my friends and I tore up Borderlands and gave me a renewed interest in a game I thought I had clobbered and was done with.  I look forward to a new gaming experience with those same friends but with a game I've not whomped the shit out of.

There aren't any worries I have about the quality of Borderlands 2.  From what I've read it's the game that Gearbox wanted to make in the first place.  Considering the strength of not only the game, game play, and stunning DLC I have no idea what's in store for me with this new release.

I'm going to do my best not to fangirl or heap glowing praise in the first ten hours (and then do a final pragmatic, disappointed post at game's end).  I'm also not going to giggle insanely when I get my copy in the mail.  OK, I might quip, "Look at me!  I'm dancing!" but then I'll go for a bike ride and when I get back do homework.  

Fuck that, I'm gonna squee and roll around on the game like a dog on a deer carcass.  

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