Sunday, July 10, 2011

Window shopping a new PC monitor...

with all the game time I have been putting into EVE and the minimal amount of time I have used my TV (read none), especially since I dropped netflix and my 360 is pretty much acting as a DVD player now (the one DVD I watched).

I tried to rig up my 32" Vizio to the PC but couldn't get the settings right, got angry, and wanted to punch something.  Additionally my Vizio is a plasma, it's a great TV and works like a charm but I know that if I tried to play something like EVE on it the screen burn would be almost instant.  Aaaargh, hindsight is 20/20.  If I had known I would get a kick ass computer...grah...coulda shoulda woulda...

So even though I don't have enough money to buy my "don't start shrieking at strangers" meds my stupid American consumer lizard brain wants to trade in my Vizio for a new LCD monitor.  My current favorite and one that keeps popping up is the Acer AT3265, a 32" monitor that seems like it would fit the bill.  Any of you folks heard anything about Acer quality?

I would have the 32" as the primary/gaming/movie screen and the rare times I would actually need to do some work I would have my regular monitor on the side.  Another crack-pot idea is to simply buy two more similarly sized monitors as the one I have and triple screen the bad boy.  For a game like EVE that would be fuckin' sweet and I've seen a couple of set-ups that gave me nerd envy.

Any of you fine folks have any input or two cents?  Do you use your PC as your primary entertainment center or do you still go for the TV, dvd, etc etc?


I think what I am gonna try to do when I get home is to rig up the Vizio as a center monitor for image then all the other stuff I could put on the regular monitor.  Hmmm...yes...

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