Saturday, July 09, 2011

A selection of pictures I have taken while space truckin':

The last few EVE expeditions since the Yan Jung Smashstravaganza last week have been pretty quiet, primarily involving me doing cargo and supply runs and getting loot collected into central areas.  There's not a huge amount to do while space truckin in HighSec so I decided to take some photos of schtuff.  I'm actually enjoying the process and once I get back to exploring I hope to get some good shots of anomalies and the like.

Not sure where the hell this was taken.
My God, it's full of flare.
That speck out there?  Yeah, that's one of my boats floating in a whole lotta cold death potential.
I didn't stop and ask for directions in this neighbourhood.
"Tell 'em Large Marge sentcha!"
"Warp Gate Active."  No shit, Aura.
Are we there yet?  I have to go to the bathroom!
The Guns of Brixton lurking.
Large Marge don't cotton to sass talk.
Ghost Town coming back from a salvage run.
The Pork Chop Express heading into high orbit.

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