Saturday, July 16, 2011

An interesting update on the monitor front

As I posted last week I am attempting to rig/re-rig my tv, computer, monitors, and sound system* over the week I tried a few different set ups but nothing really worked for me.  The current layout is pretty solid and I managed to run a HDMI from the CPU to the TV without much fuss.  I did have to monkey with some settings on the TV to get the picture to fit right (mainly just went into advanced video controls and increased the V(ertical) and H(orizontal) settings until the image fit correctly).  So far I have had the best results using Extend window to secondary monitor instead of duplicating, though I guess it would be pretty simple to just duplicate image and then just tweak the V & H.

I am very pleased with the image from the PC to the TV but there are a number of problems I am trying to figure out how to deal with:

  1. The TV is plasma and while my model has a built-in screen cleaner to help defend against burn in, the TV is pretty much still only good for movies and the XBOX.
  2. I'm having a difficult time imagining how distance is going to work, viewing and sound alike. has some good advice that involves some math or something (joking aside it's an excellent site).  The rule of thumb that I always stuck by was diagonal of screen * 1.5 - 2.0 = preferable viewing distance.  So if you have a 32"  screen then you should set up the viewing area 48"-64" away.  This also helps you set up your sound system, that is if you have a sound system.  Which I do, which causes an interesting set of problems concerning setting up a viable sound stage if I use a 32" center monitor and then a secondary, smaller monitor for other stuff.
Post will continue shortly...

* Oxford comma FTW

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