Sunday, July 24, 2011

On a semi-serious note:

As some of you fine folks may know I am a microcosm of the national debt right now.  Subsequently, I no longer have a phone, which doesn't bother me in the least really.  I also am circling on fumes both fiscally and mentally.  This is part of the reason I rage quit FB (it was either that or smash the living fuck out of the monitor with the keyboard a la the ape in 2001) along with withdrawals from alcohol, cigarettes, and anti-depressants.

So this summer has been and continues to be a difficult one.  My patience and empathy meters are very low.  I am not economically viable.

Please do not worry, I know everything gets better and I'm not going to go apeshit and verbally or physically attack strangers (except for that one fat bitch who was giving the employees a hard time at Jack in the Box so I gave her a talking to).  Once fall comes around I will probably be back to my regularly scheduled lovable curmudgeon instead of Howard Beale.

In the meantime enjoy one of my favorite scenes from the "Dude losing his shit" genre:

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