Sunday, August 31, 2008

"I am the very model of a Modern Major General!"

I've finished my first week of education at the learnatorium that is SFASU and was on my first break from school. I'm not exactly sure why we get Labor Day off but then again I believe that I have worked every Labor Day for over a decade.

For a quick run down of my first week at the learnatorium:

  • History is my major. The two classes I am taking are pretty good. My Western Civ class is a blast. I plan to take every class Professor Malpass offers - including a Summer Class about Vikings.
  • In the fifteen-ish years since I have taken a Math class I have not improved in the least.
  • I like to sit in the library taking lots of notes about lots of stuff. Primarily the history of the slave trade.
  • I have adopted the phrase, "You know what's interesting?" Apparently I've said it so much that Amanda has turned into a joke.
  • The Reformation kicked ass.
  • I am old and cranky.
  • I am at high risk for turning into a know it all. I will do my best not to say, "Actually..."
  • Moxie likes to help me study and take notes primarily by sitting on whatever I am reading and/or chewing on my pen.

More news to follow. Hope all of you are well.

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