Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Drivers Part II.

We headed back to town and with the aid of our GPS - a.k.a me with a paper map - we headed down 2259 through Woden to 226 to Etoile. This area was not as picturesque as the area around Lake Nacogdoches. I wouldn't even say that it had rustic charm.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir, at least north end of it where the Angelina River flows in, was kind of...

We should have taken a picture of the massive pile of trash below the "No Dumping" sign.

Again, no grills. We headed back to Nacogdoches and stopped by one of the parks in town. There was a grill but it was hanging off the post at a sixty-six degree angle. After this we went home. We're gonna buy a hibachi and go to Lake Nacogdoches this week so expect more pictures of Joshua acting like a normal person.

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