Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gustatory Reflex & Oral Chemesthesis is Da'Bomb! (aka new hot sauces I like)

Gustatory Reflex & Oral Chemesthesis are the fancy terms for sweating, snotting, and coughing fire. I found new hot sauces and here's the rundown.

El Yucateco is a damn fine brand. I picked up a bottle of Kutbil-Ik which - according to their website - is Mayan for "crushed chile". Rated at 11,600 Scoville this stuff direct quote was, "It's like a volcano shit in my mouth." It's awesome stuff and I love the flavor but I don't know if I could just put this on everything I ate. Kutbil-Ik is something to: use very sparingly, use for some kind of Shaolin chile pepper eating, or for punishing children. On the other end of the spectrum I picked up the Chipotle style. It's much milder ranking in at 3,400 Scoville. It is very tasty and far superior to any other chipotle sauce I've found. This is going to be a staple hot sauce. If you can find it I strongly suggest picking it up. I haven't picked up the Green Habanero but have tried it a couple of times at restaurants around town. It comes in at 9,000 Scoville. Not so good on its own - it's too bright but could be tasty mixed in rice or guacamole. The green is not one I'll be picking up though.

San Luis Hot Sauce "Really Hot" is good. About the same caliber as Valentina Hot Sauce. It's a solid every day use hot sauce. I've been partial to putting it on breakfast - not Strawberry Rice Kripsies...yet - eggs, sandwiches, egg sandwiches, etc., etc. It's not particularly hot but it's not a slouch either. At an eighty-nine cent price tag for a 17 oz. bottle there's no reason not to have a bottle kicking around. Only one problem - opening the bottle is a pain in the ass. The cap doesn't screw off so you have to punch a hole in the cap and fish out the plastic or leave the chunks of plastic in the bottle.

You can pick these up at your local Mexican supermarket, bakery, taqueria, or if you're not smack dab in the middle of whitey-town your regular supermarket.

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