Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday drivers or "What a loovly day for a ride in da coontry." Part 1.

We planned to go to a lake on Saturday but were warned off by the weather reports of "Turn Around. Don't Drown.". I don't know if you folks are familiar with TADD but here in Texas you don't mess around with that especially when your transport vehicle is a Honda Fit.

On Sunday the weather reports were not as menacing so we packed up the cooler with food and gathered up our shovels and rakes and implements of destruction and headed out to Lake Nacogdoches. After drifting west on 21 and taking a left on picturesque FM 255 we eventually found the West Park at the lake. It's really quite nice and the next time we go there we will have pictures. The weather was pleasant in the upper 80s with some cloud cover so my translucent skin would burst into flame. Nice little picnic area on the water. Wait, where are the grills? Hmmm. I wish I had a picture of post that a grill was formerly attached to.

Well we hopped back in the car and drove around a bit more and eventually stopped at Yakofritz Landing for lunch. The food there is good. Amanda got the catfish dinner and I got my stand by BBQ Beef sandwich. The catfish was better than I've had in quite some time and the BBQ sandwich was damn tasty. They actually mixed in the onions with the meat. The meat was chopped but had some kick ass chunks of texture in it. The sauce was just a hint sweeter than I would normally go for but it was still damn tasty.

After some deilberation we decide to drive out to Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

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