Monday, August 04, 2008

My library is now 95% catalogued!

I picked up a CueCat barcode scanner and beefed up my account at Maybe it's my low level OCD and hoarding tendencies but I kind of love cataloging, organizing, and alphabetizing my stuff. A friend once told me, "Hey, you're coveting your own stuff."

The CueCat scanner is very easy to use. If you can manage to plug in a USB cable then you can use a CueCat. It does take a little finesse to get the barcode to read properly but once you get the hang of it there's no problem. One drawback is that there's no information registering beep.

There's a pair of widgets over on the right if you'd like to browse my library. A bunch of other HYR contributors have accounts as well:

Check it out, join the fun.

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