Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I can see...everything...

In a fit of keeping up with the Jacobsons and the glee of government cheddar we have entered the Twenty First Century and purchased a plasma TV. After two days - and added expense - I have upgraded the XBOX360 to HDMI - I like using the Pigs in Space announcer voice when I say HDMI. Let me tell ya, I don't know how I managed to not make this leap sooner. Oh yeah, I was spending money on beer all the time.

After a good amount of internet research I decided to go with the Vizio brand. I used to hear a lot of horror stories about screen burn with plasma TVs but in this day and age it's not such a problem plus I'm not going to leave a game paused for more than hour.

Watching movies and gaming has taken on new dimensions of fun. Playing GTA IV in HD is a completely new experience. I still have to complete the "Complete the Story in less than thirty hours" achievement so now I really have an excuse to play through the story again. I forgot to post about the over all story but I will do that later.

I will post a review of the TV in a few weeks once we put in through its paces. Also have a few other reviews to post but what with homework and learnatorium goodness I actually have things to do.

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