Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doomsday (2008) dir Neil Marshall

I love Neil Marshall movies. Hell, he makes movies I want to watch. Dogsoldiers - best werewolf movie ever made. The Descent - best hot chicks spelunking movie ever made. Doomsday - best love note to early Carpenter, Cameron, and all around awesome made in a long long time.

Doomsday is not high art wanking. Bjork does not roll around in congealed vaseline yelping for an hour before people look sullen while telling us war is bad. Doomsday is shit bowing up, bodies exploding like garbage bags full of chum dropped from four stories up, and pure insanity. This is one of those movies I enjoy because everyone on screen seems to be having such a blast. It's gory, shit explodes, bunnies get blasted to shit by automated gun sentries, everyone hates Scotland, politicians are evil, Bob Hoskins is Bob Hoskins, multiple decapitations, Neil Marshall reserves a special death for Sean Pertwee, there's a completely apeshit floorshow, Rhona Mitra is slammin' hot, a steam locomotive, and a bus that has "Out of Fucking Service" graffitied over it's destination box. Doomsday rocked. Oh and put a lot of Beavis emphasis on rocked.

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