Monday, September 29, 2008

Roller Derby Questionnaire - newest draft. Deadline 10/03/08

1) What drew you to Roller Derby?
a. Third wave/post-feminist, riot grrrl ideals?
b. The punk rock underground aspect?
c. I wanted to?

2) What was your background before you joined?

3) When did you join?
a. What position are/were you in?

4) Did you have any preconceptions about Roller Derby before you joined? What were they?

5) What are the stereotypes surrounding Roller Derby?

6) What were peoples’ reactions when you joined the League?
a. Positive?
b. Negative?

7) What was your alter-ego/nom de guerre?

8) How did you choose your alter-ego?
a. Was it always there – waiting to be let out?

9) How did your personality change after joining the League?
a. Did your alter-ego start appearing in your day-to-day life?
b. Did you leave it at the track?

10) How long have you been in Roller Derby?

11) Is Roller Derby just a “phase” for you? Why or why not?

In the midst of all these questions did I forget something? Is there a fundamental aspect I am missing? Would you like to add anything?

Thank you for your responses - keep 'em coming - and your continued helpful comments and suggestions.

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