Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Turkey: The man, the myth, the left-overs.

We picked up a pretty good sized turkey breast from the store on Sunday. I've turned into a big fan of the Sunday dinner, then again I do find spending the better part of a day in the kitchen relaxing.

So I roasted the thing and it tasted pretty good. Y'know, tasted like turkey. Then shredded what meat was left on it and made some sammiches and lo it was good. Finally I tried to figure out what to with the last of the left-overs with some help from Amanda. I was going to make a quick stew - turkey, beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes, et al and Amanda was going to make cornbread. Then I figured why not just combine it all and bake the whole mess. Amanda figured we could cook the stuff and then pour the cornbread over it and bake it all into a "turkey cobbler". It worked pretty well and worked better the next day. All in all a successful use of food though the kale we ate with it on Sunday night was something I couldn't face on Monday.

Turkey Cobbler:

About a pound of cooked & shredded turkey.
A can of beans - drained - we used black but ranchero would work well.
A can of diced tomatoes - drained
An oranger Bell Pepper chopped.
Two shallots chopped.
Several whole pickled garlic cloves & a couple of tsp of jar juice.
Amanda's cornbread mix.
My magic spice mix.

Preheat oven to 400.

Sautee the shallots, garlic, and pepper until you think they are almost done. Remove from heat.
In a big baking dish or oven safe Pyrex mix the turkey, the tomatoes, the beans, and the sauteed stuff. Salt and pepper and spice mix to taste. Pour this into the baking dish and throw it in the oven to get warmed up.

Make Amanda's cornbread mix or if you aren't Amanda just use Jiffy mix - good, quick, cheap, and tasty. I'd say that two boxes should do the trick. Take your warmed mix of stuff out of the oven and pour the cornbread goop on the top. Throw it back in the oven. Bake until done - probably 20-30 minutes. Watch the news while you clean up the kitchen then take the turkey cobbler out of the oven. Poke the center of the cornbread with a toothpick - if the toothpick comes out dry you're done. If wet throw it back in the oven and bake some more. Repeat.

Remove from oven. Turn oven off. Let turkey cobbler cool...go have a smoke. Come back. Put in bowl. Shovel into mouth. Yay! All done! Hour to make, a minute to eat.

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