Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday...why am I at work again?

Looks like the weather outside is fairly pleasant...I guess. If I crane my neck and look around the corner and up the stairs I can see some sunlight. Hope that you guys are going to flee work early. I wish I could. Then I could ride my bike. Yes, I'm riding a bike. Not hardcore but something to get out of the house and possibly not be such a fat ass.

  • I rented a copy of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and have to say that it is fun as hell and makes me enjoy Star Wars again. Personally I've narrowed my love of the movies down to The Empire Strikes Back but the LEGO series has been a great deal of fun. This second installment focuses on Episodes IV-VI and covers all the bases. I've only played through the beginning of Episode IV and only have one complaint - I got stuck dying over and over again sliding down a ramp into a swamp and had to restart. I have to admit that despite the fact that this comes across as a kids game there is a marked bit of challenge and puzzly exploration. After completeing a piece of story you can revisit the level in "Free Play" with whatever characters you like. Since each character type has different skills you can access different parts of the level and unlock secrets and goodies. Switching between characters is amazingly simple - walk up to the character you want and tap Y or if in Free Play cycle through the characters using your bumpers. The controls are smooth and relatively straightforward even for the most casual gamers. What this game comes down to is: do you like LEGOs? Do you like Star Wars? Then you'll like this game.
  • I realize that I said some harsh things about the Yankees yesterday. I thought about why I hate them and realized that if they were a movie character they'd be the rich asshole from a John Hughes movie with a popped collar pastel Polo shirt named Chazzer or Blaine. They would just solve their problems with money or their Daddy's money. Us poor kids would get picked on and laughed at by them and their tennis playing Barbie girls. What it really comes down to is I would much rather support a team that has to battle and scrape and still kind of sucks but damn it they pull off some excellent plays. I don't support a team that seems to run on the "best that money can buy" theory. In any case, Fuck the Yankees.
  • We're taking the plunge and getting cable this weekend. I'm sure I'll have something to say about it after about a week or so. I've always been creeped out by the idea of paying for television so we shall see what happens.

Hope you guys have a good weekend. Gimme a call if anything interesting happens.

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