Friday, September 07, 2007

"Jedem das Seine."

Looks like I will have a Saturday off tomorrow. It will mean extra work on Sunday but hey a day off is a day off of work. Maybe watch some baseball. I miss baseball. Now for the recent rundown of events:

  • After staring at the X360 rental wall at the local Blockbuster I decided to pick up Saint's Row (08/06). It's - for all intents and purposes - a bastard child of GTA. Unlike every other game that tries to emulate the GTA series and fails miserably Saint's Row is actually fun and at times pretty exciting to play. More often than not it's the little gameplay touches Volition threw in that makes the game - i.e. when you customize a car it's added to your garage automatically no fuss no muss. If you then crash, ditch, or destroy the car it's no problem because the car has been saved in the garage. The weapon selection makes use of the radial system - press B to bring up the menu and the press the left andalog in the direction of the item you wish to select. It takes a little getting used to and can be a little frustrating in hot and heavy combat but I do like it. The missions are pretty standard but fun. I really like the use of friendly gang members - they shoot at what they are supposed to, pick up better weapons if available, and are generally pretty helpful. There are a bunch of other features that will be covered in an upcoming review.

More news to follow after this rush of work ceases...send help...

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