Tuesday, February 27, 2007

God of War II & other upcoming releases.

God of War was a pretty solid game that had a few RL rage inducing platformer moments. It also had some great moments of bloody fun - i.e. ripping the wings off harpies. Good stuff - if you haven't picked it up I recommend it.

God of War II has been getting some heavy duty praise from most of the review sites. Sounds like they've also made improvments to the storyline *cough* 'bout time *cough* and generally made it all kinds of snickity-snackity fun. Look for it around 03-16-07.

On March 6th the PS2 port of GTA: VCS or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for you non-gaming types. This marks the fifth GTA for the PS2 and I can understand how people are getting tired of the formula. Personally I am still a fan and will continue to pick up the games but even I am getting bored with the lack of story and inclusion of pointless and nearly impossible side missions or missions that are just aggravating. Wow, that sounds like fun - why do I keep playing?

Simple, I like the GTA-verse. I like the characters, the radio stations, the cars, the roaming around, the bizarre inside jokes, the game mechanics, and I still have fun playing Rockstar Games. Hell I even enjoy driving around GTA: VC just listening to the radio.

I'm looking forward to GTA:VCS because I enjoy GTA: VC so much. I want to see what changes they've made to the city, what's on the radio, who's up and coming - GTA: VCS takes place in 1984 two years before GTA: VC - and what mechanics they've incorporated from their newer games. Once I play it through I'll let you guys know what I think.

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