Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Console Whores

Let me start by saying, I hold no allegiance to any company or product. My purchases are based solely on research and value.

In hunting for the right console during these console wars, I've stumbled across a ton of anti-Sony sentiment. The material coming mainly from sites that claim to be journalistic and opinion pieces that are based in some fantasy world where the PS3 doesn't beat the DVD doors off the Wii and XBOX 360 in potential and value.

It's really sad to see such immaturity in the reporting for an industry with such potential. The Gaming industry is held back by the foot soldiers representing it, the reporters, reviewers, store clerks, and so on.

As far as the PS3 console goes, it truly is the best value of the three.

Consider the Wii's lack of system power, Nintendo will most likely replace the Wii within a few years. At $200-250, there is a total expenditure of $4-500 for old technology with limited capabilities.

XBOX 360, now this is a powerful console, a powerful console that was rushed to market. Remember when the XBOX 360 was to include, TiVO, HD-DVD, HDD, 802.11G, etc., etc. Now they are all peripherals ranging anywhere from $40-$200 a piece. Doesn't anyone realize that puts the cost of an XBOX 360 well over that of a PS3, therefore making the PS3 a better value? And XBOX Live is a pay per month service, need I continue?

PS3 includes all the next-gen gaming must-haves and offers its online service for free. Making it a value well beyond its price tag.

Let's grow up and quit with the biased reporting, it's childish and petty. No wonder this industry isn't taken seriously, when it's eyes and ears are those of a bunch of twenty or thirty-something children.

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