Monday, February 26, 2007

Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain (2000)

I tore through this book. More often than not books about food, cooking, chefs, etc., etc. end up stalling out - Ruhlman's Making of a Chef. Bourdain's writing is sharp, I like the fact he doesn't bullshit the reader or himself. This isn't a book filled with, "Oh look at how wonderful I am. Isn't it wonderful that I am so wonderful. Oh, oh, oh I'm the Queen of France." anecdotes. Most of the time he's talking about how fucked up and insane the restaurant business is. He also has some really touching reflections on food.

I also realize that I totally completely no ifs ands or buts unprepared to even consider working in a kitchen. No fucking way. Nope. No sir. I know my limits.

Unfortunately he made mention of Global knives. The site doesn't have prices - not a good sign. I have a slew of knives but still...look at these things. I'm also addicted to the idea of ceramic knives.

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