Sunday, August 14, 2011

World of Tanks review in three words:

Fuck this shit.

To clarify, World of Tanks is an MMO tank combat game set during WWII.  Should be awesome right?  Well besides the fact it crashed my computer because my video card wasn't up to snuff the second time I logged in the game has no learning curve.  There is no curve, in fact there's no tutorial, no directions, no helpful hints, nothing even resembling useful information at all.  It reminds me of one of those Avalon Hill war games that are made for model train/ham radio sociopaths (I love model trains but the hobby draws a certain spooky element) that is a box of paper and fucking math.

World of Tanks sets you up in a garage with a choice of three starter tanks and some crew.  Uh ok.  Guess I'll pick a tank and enter battle.  Enter battle.  Now the fuck what?  I shot a lamp post trying to get the shit heap fucking tank moving.  Hmmm...W?  Okay going forward, oh wait now I'm stuck on a fucking car.  Game crashed while I was trying to get unstuck from the car.  Click here to uninstall World of Tanks and go back to playing EVE (which at least has a fucking tutorial).

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