Saturday, August 06, 2011

A major stumbling block appears in my attempt to become a PC gamer.

If you've been paying attention to the last couple of tech related posts you'd probably know HYR is considering and attempting to achieve the first steps on the path of becoming a PC gamer.  EVE Online was the catalyst and so I began learning about monitor technobabble and digging through forums and the like.  I realized a fundamental flaw in my desire to become a PC gamer Thursday evening when I finally realized what specs I wanted as should look for in a monitor.  Talk about a fleeting sense of victory...hey stupid your CPU won't even support...fuck.

My overall mistake was not beginning with the CPU and seeing where I could go from there.  By researching and daydreaming about monitors and everything else I failed to realized that I was doing the PC equivalent of someone researching rims and low-lights and hydraulics and failed to realize they drive a fucking Plymouth Horizon.

So for now my entry into PC gaming will remain with games that my system can handle - which truth be told are plenty.  Awesome and flashy ka-boom Baysplosion games will be played on the 360 - which truth be told I don't play many of anymore because they are so god damn expensive and I'm still pissed off about getting screwed over by DLC, GOTY editions, and the like.   

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