Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frank Hot Dog and Cold Beer in Nacogdcohes Texas!

"Making Nacogdoches Weird" reads the slogan on the sign of the as of yet unopened Frank Hot Dogs and Cold Beer.  2304 North St is the location of the ATX branch to be opened here in Nacogdoches and I'm feeling a wide range of emotions.  I'm excited because it's within walking distance of my apartment and it's a new restaurant/beer/music venue here in "there's one option for a bar next to campus and it's a fucking sports bar" Nacogdoches.  I'm excited that they brew their own beer.  Generally I, and several people I know, are excited just have somewhere new to go.

I have some grumbles mainly focused on prices on dogs - a plain dog for $3.00 is bullshit let's gouge tourist prices.  How much is a soda? $2.50?  The other food looks solid and I'm always on the lookout for new appetizers.

Truth be told the thing that sticks in my craw is the simple fact I hate Austin and I hate the "Keep Austin Weird" slogan.  It reeks of 78704 smug.  Granted Nacogdoches used to be known as "Little Austin" back in the 70s and Lord knows this "college-town" (which truth be told is more along the lines of a college in a retirement community) could use a fucking kick in the ass and unleash the potential for awesome lurking here.  I just don't want to get Austin smarmalade on my shoes.

Still, they brew their own beer and that's awesome and it's not a fucking sports bar.  Hope to see you there.  Review will be up once I can get in the door.

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