Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frank Nac: meal one

Frank Nac had it's grand opening on Friday night and while I missed attending a friend and I swung by last night around 9.  The place was jam packed but we got a table after about a minute wait.  Put an order in for chili waffles cheese fries and a Hot Polish (Vienna beef Polish sausage, spicy Dusseldorf mustard, sauerkraut).  These are some serious dogs and tasty.  The sticker shock of a $4.50 sausage is dispelled on how damn tasty they are.  The fries never arrived because the restaurant hadn't expected ninety gajillion people to show up and they were sold out.  They were also sold out of the Jackalope.  C'est la vie.  I'm definitely coming back to try out the other dogs.  One of the main things I am interested in are exploring the appetizers and the Cobb salad.  I love a good Cobb salad.  I'm gonna have a hard time breaking my Delacroix's loyalty for Brunch though.

The atmosphere was unexpected: the main dining area is one large open area packed with tables, booths around the edges but with enough room to maneuver.  I didn't check out the bar and only glanced at the outside seating area.  I'll be more interested in the outside area when it's not a hundred friggin degrees out.

So initial impressions are good, food good, layout good.  I'll be interested to see what the rest of you folks think.

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