Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Potential recipes with BenMor chiles:

So after a bit of cursory research re: BenMor's chile shipment  I think I have some cursory ideas:

  • Bhut Jolokia
    • Fried paste
    • Soak the bastards in vinegar and use as condiment (on greens for example or fish'n'chips)
    • Keeping away rogue elephants from my apartment
    • A red Thai curry with coconut milk
  • Congo Blacks (aka Chocolate Habaneros)
    • mole negro ("negro, negro, number uno")
    • add to my Northwestern African spice rub
    • driving out the Belgians
    • roast with apricots then blend
  • Santakas & Ring of Fires
    • use as I would japones or thai chiles
    • slice paper thin as garnish
    • more chile paste
    • add to Abuelita J's puerco rojo
    • add to a shrimp ceviche

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