Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New speakers? Accepted into SFA? Assorted other jibber jabber?

Most important news first. Found out today that I am actually accepted into Stephen F Austin State University. That's right folks I'm going to the learnatorium to get my college on. I'm going to focus on History and see if I can't get into something along the lines of Conservation & Preservation. I'm a bit nervous about the whole going to school thing but I'll get over it.

In celebration I purchased new speakers: Harman Kardon HKTS-14. They are a few years older but according to the reviews and contacting Harman Kardon's customer support the two differences between the HKTS-14 and the newer HKTS-18 are: the 14 has a 12" subwoofer and the 18 comes with a 10" and the 14 is silver where the 18 is black. For the substantial price difference between the sets there was no reason for me to just buy the newer set.

Now if any of you fine folks - or anyone you know - are in the market for speakers please let me know. The speakers I currently have are still excellent speakers. They are just kind of huge and old and need a good home. There's two floor standing Polks, a Bose VCS-10 center speaker, and a set of Bose Acoustimass that I might just hold on to.

More news to follow. Now is time to tote that bale.

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