Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday updates.

I've been in pain and am still in pain so the reviews and assorted mumbo jumbo have taken a backseat. If someone knows of a good, cheap dentist in Austin please let me know. I'm eating Tylenol like Skittles.

On a lighter note:

1) Earlier this week Penny Arcade had a comic about the very recently - July 17th - created Chore Wars. I had seen mention of it here and there. Today I received an invite and's my character and the party I belong to. Silly but a fun way to make chores funner.

2) Finally got around/broke down and watched the pilot to Six Feet Under. It wasn't really all that bad, pretty reasonable in fact. It was pretty much what I was expecting and in all honesty was the reason why I hadn't made the effort to see it. I knew it was going to be good HBO family melodramedy with hip/too slick/hyperreality dialogue and characters. Hell it even has the "music". If you're familiar with the show and shows like it then you'll know what I mean. I'll watch more episodes but I'll be surprised if I can make it past a season.

3) Finally got around/broke down and watched Harry Potter 1-3. A review of those will be upcoming.

4) While I personally don't give a flying squirrel fart about The Simpsons Movie - fifteen years too late - Sunshine also opens this weekend. A good sci-fi movie is always welcome in my book.

More news to follow...eventually.

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