Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goddamn Rangers!

As I slowly get sucked into the tarpit that is MLB2K6 I find that I am forced to quickly learn about baseball stats and assorted mumbo jumbo. I've never really given any sport much of a chance besides bush league hockey or rugby but after going to a Texas Rangers game last year I got the baseball bug. I realize I should be a Washington Nationals fan and they don't seem like a bad team but here in Texas they won't be on TV. I have to admit that I like being a Rangers fan. I like playing the Rangers in MLB2K6. They suck. It's no fun if you like a team like the Yankees - super powerful team that just buys the opposition. I may not know anything about baseball but I know that. I like the crappy team that when it does something good or right or just doesn't set anything on fire then it's good and when they do something bad it's a catastrophe. However they have a good attitude - example pitcher Kevin Millwood, "I made some good pitches, but I didn't get a couple of calls or they hit them and found a hole. There's not a whole lot you can do. But I still feel like I threw the ball well. It's not a step back."

I wish I could have that kind of outlook. Whenever something goes to shit in a game I have to admit that I turn into a yell-bot. If I could kick dirt and cuss out the pitcher or god damn fucking outfield then I would. Oh wait. Oddly enough I find myself really enjoying the game despite the aggravation. Baseball is enjoyable. I just wish I could assimilate all these stats quicker. After nearly thirty years of RPGs and assorted fantasy & sci-fi stats, lingo, and assorted crap you'd think a few dozen stats would be no trouble.

Now I have to figure out who my starting pitcher is gonna be against LA tonight.

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