Wednesday, August 01, 2007

RE5 is racist, MLB2K6 rules, and assorted junk.

Kind of been/will be off the radar a bit for the next couple of days unless something really interesting comes up. I get to have a tooth yanked out of my head on Friday - huzzah! I might be able to get some movie watching in so there may be new releases reviews coming up. I'm also checking out AA meetings and getting that part of my life in order so that takes up a good amount of the thought processes needed to churn out posts. I'm also kind of tired of internet bullshit. People - including myself - are getting worked up over completely pointless issues.

My god, have I turned a corner? Will I become accepting of other peoples' views as valid and worthy of careful consideration? Are there feelings to consider? Pfft I hope not.

In assorted news:

Some poster on Black Looks is all bent out of shape about Resident Evil 5 being set in Africa - says that it's racist. Yeah, stirred up a whole hornet's nest. You should read the article just to get good and annoyed.

Looks like there's an adaptation of Jonah Hex coming out by the guys who put together Crank.

In MLB2K6 I have managed to rack up a decent run 13-3. Last night was one crushing defeat against the Mariners 11-0. Then the last game against the Mariners was a battle until the 9th inning when I managed to scrape together a few runs. Next up is another four games against Oakland. Last time I kicked their asses but I don't want to get over confident.

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