Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brains of Darkness.

Haven't posted in a couple of days but then again haven't had much to post about. E3 - the Electronic Entertainment Expo - has started up so prepare yourself for trailers and previews galore. Kicking this off is the bad ass trailer for Resident Evil 5. Dude. Africa. Zombies. Bad juju.

I don't think that enough games are set in Africa. Sure there are some "stop the warlord/dictator/generalissimo" levels here and there but nothing serious. I suppose that it's not terribly PC to have a game showcasing child warriors, blood diamonds, evil oil companies, warlords, ineffectual UN Blue Helms, genocide, corruption, rampant poverty, mercenaries, and bad juju. Personally it sounds like it could be a really good game plus I've always had a soft spot for "adventures in Africa" movies and books. Because of this fact this is the first RE that had peaked my interest.

More game trailers as I find them.

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