Friday, July 13, 2007

PS3 price drop...only for 60GB?

Interesting...I read this article on GP about the price drop only being on the 60GB PS3. Awesome but they aren't going to manufacture any more? Once they are gone they're gone and there will only be 80GB available - the 20GB are no more. Maybe I'm not sophisticated or savvy enough to understand global business but doesn't it seem like that's a crappy idea? The PS3 isn't selling the way it should because we - gamers - can't afford it. The Wii is turning into a market grabber because it's affordable and familycasual gamer friendly. It doesn't have Blu-Ray or a Flux Capacitor or a lot of the hardware that drives up the cost of the 360 & the PS3. That being said there are no games I want to play on the Wii. If I had munchkins running around I'd own a Wii. No kid of mine won't be a gamer.

The PS3 will hit its stride soon enough if the price can become managable and if their exclusives can convince me to trade in my X360. Maybe.

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