Thursday, June 21, 2007

Peter Gabriel 3: Melt (1980)

I've never really been a Peter Gabriel fan. I pretty much know him from his radio/video hits Shock the Monkey, Games Without Frontiers, and Sledgehammer and his score for The Last Temptation of Christ - which is a great score that has a sound that is a few years of its time.

There was a copy of Peter Gabriel 3: Melt in my iTunes and figured I'd give it a shot before I just deleted it out of hand. I have to say that there are some awesome songs on this album - after doing a bit of searching it turns out that Melt is considered to be his best "masterpiece" album.

It kicks of with Intruder - a song that might warrant a few more listens just so I can figure out what he's talking about. At first - several - listen(s) it sounds like another one of the 80s stalker songs - i.e. Every Breath You Take. The rest of album is solid except for track 3 that I deleted as soon as I heard about ten seconds of - it just was awful in a pre-smooth jazz bridge way. Games Without Frontiers is track 7.

Melt is definitely worth a listen if you're a fan of 70s/80s electronic art rock. Some of the tracks could work very well in a soundtrack - if Lead A Normal Life hasn't been used in an indie dysfuntional family drama then it should. Stat.

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