Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Assorted news & Updates:

I have to admit that we haven't been up to much since Elder Scrolls: Oblivion has practically consumed our souls. It's a good thing that I have to go to work and into the sunlight because otherwise I'd be transforming in a Morlock and developing rickets and big transluscent eyes the size of dinner plates with "controller-claw" hands.

So here's a few pieces of news:

  1. The guys over at got all in a snit because Midway Games was supposed to fund the New York City Asian Film Festival and they bailed. Here's the article. Being bent out of shape that a sponsor bails is one thing but calling for a ban? That's a little absurd. The info I got from Midway was, "Regrettably, Midway is not able to be the title sponsor of the New York Asian Film Festival because Stranglehold's development schedule did not allow time to attend; however, Midway still plans to be an event sponsor."
  2. Apparently the Indian cops won't let five year old Budhia Singh take part in a 310 mile walk. The kid broke a record last year for running 40 miles in seven hours and two mintues - uninterrupted. This little dude is the Indian D.A.R.Y.L. .
  3. There should/might/probably be a review of Day Watch - if we can actually get into the preview screening tonight. I'm about half way through Night Watch and it's a pretty decent book though the movie only covers the first third of the book. It's not badly written but the translation is a bit...choppy. A review will show up after I finish it off.

There's not much else news right now besides the fact my character in Oblivion somehow got up to 71 alchemy points and I just bought a Dwarven Bow and a horse. The bow is awesome, the horse is okay for roaming around on but not much else. See, just gamer crazy talk. Fortunately Amanda is addicted too so we have something to talk about over dinner.

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