Friday, June 15, 2007

The Future of Rock'n'Roll.

97X logo circa 1981.
I found this station on iTunes while digging for something to listen to that wasn't Radio Nigel or whatever crap I didn't feel like listening to. It's a solid mix of tunes that actually span several decades. In all honesty though this station plays stuff I listened to growing up & in high school.
The painful part is that it's known as "vintage". The 90s are vintage? Uh. Damn it. I don't even have something apathetic and sarcastic to say about that.
97X really plays a bit of everything from stuff that rocks to stuff that sucks so much I has scrubbed it from my mind, i.e. Spin Doctors, Live, and Silverchair. Fortunately they play more rock than suck. From time to time there will be something heavy and awesome. Sometimes they play awful "I kissed a girl" LUG Lilith Fair music. Just saying.
All in all I pretty much keep it on most of the day at work when I'm not listening to the news or trying to find a new horror music station. There's a link on the right that will be there until they yell at me to take it down.

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