Saturday, May 19, 2007

Star Wars Battlefront I & II

I didn't have anything to do last night so I threw in Star War Battlefront II - oddly enough it seems that I was on Pandemic Studio/Lucas Arts kick, I started the evening off with Mercenaries. I'm a big fan of the Battlefront series and though I do have some problems I do have a hell of a good time blasting the living hell out of Rebel scum. I only play Empire unless forced to play something else.

For those of you not in the know Star Wars Battlefront was released Sept. 20th, 2004. It is a third-person battlefield combat game. You have the ability to run around and blast the shit out of the opposition and jump in various vehicles and then blast the shit out of the opposition. There are several troop types you can play but I find that the basic trooper works just fine for me. If you have not played it and are looking for an entertaining shooter that is just fun for pick and play then it's worth picking up used - now it's probably running less than $15.

Star Wars Battlefront II allows you to blast the shit out of your opponent in space as well as planet side. There are also several amusing/fun side games - the hunt mission in Mos Eisley allows players to control either sand people - sorry Tusken Raiders - and Jawas. Ooteenie indeed. The space levels are fun but pretty restricted - in fact I tried installing TIE Fighter on my laptop before I realized that I didn't have a joystick. Galactic conquest is still fun and slightly expanded with fleets and space battles and bonuses and what not.

I do have this to say - why don't Pandemic just make a straight up space combat game? I sometimes miss Wing Commander, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Star Fox. I wouldn't mind if they made a complete galactic conquest game that involved a bit more strategy and all of the planets.

Despite the fact that Star Wars now sucks - except for Empire Strikes Back - the Battlefront games are fun as hell and remind me of why I loved it all once, before I got jaded and miserable. Plus I like shooting Ewoks.

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