Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Assorted movie news, complaining, and whining about remakes.

Apparently Death Proof is a big deal at Cannes. For some reason this annoys me to no end. On one hand it's going to mean that Planet Terror and the trailers are just going to be cast the wayside until Rodriguez says, "Screw it then." and rereleases Planet Terror with Machete - the way it should have been. Here's the BBC article: Cannes cheers Tarantino's return.

Paul W.S. Anderson - director of Soldier, Event Horizon, Resident Evil, and AVP - is remaking Death Race and The Long Good Friday. I'm not too freaked out by the Death Race remake because I'm not a big fan of the movie though I do feel there's no need for a remake. Rollerball wasn't a great movie but that didn't need a remake even if directed by John McTiernan. The Long Good Friday (1980) is one of my favorite Bob Hoskins movies. For a period of time after Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Hoskins was cast as a cuddly, bumbling, and mildly bumbling character i.e. Hook, Super Mario Brothers, and Mermaids. He also was cast in some excellent roles - Felicia's Journey and Mona Lisa in particular. Then of course there's Heart Condition. The Long Good Friday is a classic of British crime cinema on par - in my humble opinion - with Get Carter. A brutal and relentlessly cruel movie with Bob Hoskins demolishing scenery. If you're a fan of the crime genre and haven't seen this movie then make an effort to see the original.

Looks like Luck Liu is going to be in a vampire movie - Rise: Blood Hunter - that is coming out this July. I don't want to want to see this movie but well...track down the pictures of Lucy covered in blood. Plus Carla "yeah that chick from Sin City" Gugino is in it. Plus it's rated R. If you've been a longtime reader then you'll know that I have had gripes about horror & action movies not being rated R. Show me what I am here to see folks - you know what I'm talking about blood and guts and veins in my teeth...plus T&A. Maybe an explosion and dismemberment or three.

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