Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fallout 3: Broken Steel review

Well, after some intense gaming sessions I polished off Broken Steel, hit the level 30 mark, and had a generally good time blasting the hell out Raiders, Muties, and the Enclave. I had a good time though I am kind of bummed out that there isn't any more Fallout until the next game.

The new DLC was enjoyable but I have two major problems:

1. The level thirty cap makes the game too easy even when I bumped up the difficulty to high. I was just kicking the shit out of the opposition. Sometimes that's fun but sometimes I want a challenge.

2. Lord have mercy but the DLC is buggy. I had a great number of freezes. Bethesda needs to add a patch ASAP.

Other than that the DLC is fun, lots of kick ass weapons, and the new enemies are fairly tough when you first encounter them.

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