Friday, May 22, 2009

Terminator: Salvation (2009) dir McG

I'm not sure how McG - director of Charlie's Angels, We Are Marshall, and producer of complete garbage television - managed to direct a solid action movie. OK, it wasn't a great action movie but it did have several kick ass action moments.

Terminator: Salvation wasn't bad for a Terminator movie. Shit blows up real good, Terminators take creative amount of killing, and logic is totally out the window. You can make all kinds of jokes about Christian Bale using his "Batman" voice all the time but y'know, what's your voice supposed to sound like after sucking down radioactive dust and humanity's ashes?

I'm gonna say that it was better than T3 I guess. I didn't see most of T3 - I think that was the one with Claire Danes and the chick from Bloodrayne - but I'm pretty sure it sucked.

I can't promote or condemn this new Terminator installment, in all honesty the Terminator series is pretty fuckin' stupid. The first movie kicked ass certainly but after that...meh. If Terminator: Salvation wasn't a Terminator movie it'd be pretty good for a popcorn movie. Not quite as awesome as Reign of Fire but then again what is?

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