Thursday, August 16, 2007

Assorted things and junk and things.

Tomorrow I am finally getting my tooth taken care of...hopefully...barring some major catastrophe or Wrath of God kind of shit. So seeing as how I'm gonna be out of commission tomorrow I figured I'd give you guys a good chunky post of fun stuff.

  • Thanks to our friend Jenna for this wonderful and revoltingly cute video of kittens. Just watch it.
  • There's a new review up on Hooligan Youth Reviews Movies. I realize that there haven't been many reviews on there lately but due to budget constraints movie going has decreased significantly. Hopefully after this Fall School rush we'll be able to see the newest bumper crop of horror movies.
  • Email me for a copy of the picture of a chick in a bikini and an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet hula hooping. I shit you not.
  • There's finally a poster up for This is England upstairs from work and it makes me very happy whenever I see it. I hope it plays here sooner than later.
  • Carcassone has gotten a second River Expansion. It makes for a bit more complicated game.

That's kind of it for now. Hope you guys have a good weekend.

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